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Green Button Campaign

We try very hard at Fusion to do things differently, but there are some hotel traditions that just make sense. If you would like new linen, please ask and we’ll have everything changed as fresh as daisy. On the other hand, if you think your sheets will last another night, we’ll make your pillows extra fluffy and give a small gift for considering the environment. Every time you skip make-up room service, you have saved around 55 liters of fresh water.

The Farm Village

Nestled in Fusion Resort Phu Quoc, The Farm Village is a cozy home with our very own resident goat, chickens, and ducks. Come experience a farm-to-table dinner and join us on a journey of finding your inner balance while reconnecting with nature.

For a sustainable future

At Fusion, we care about the environment. That’s why one of our top priorities is to improve the ecological and carbon footprint of the resort operation. Reflecting a love of nature and increasing our efforts in making the world a better place, we are on the journey to reduce energy, water, and waste, and improve our impact on the environment. Join us for down-to-earth and sustainable living.

Small changes can make a big difference.


Vung Bau Beach, Group 4, Hamlet 4, Cua Can Village, Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
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